We’re rolling right into March with some of our most exciting tournaments yet.


3.4.16 – Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Fights is an event centered around fighting games. People will be discussing different aspects of the genre as well as running a mini tournament. Anyone who has a love for fighting games should stop down and meet people with a similar interest.


3.12.16 – Indie Minis

This will be a series of mini tournaments centered around the concept of independent game developers. All of these games are relatively easy to pick up and can be a ton of fun with just a few people. Come learn some new games and meet some great people.


3.13.16 – Imperial Assault Store Championship

Imperial assault toes the line between a board game and a miniature war game. Drawbridge Games is running a store championship at LFG. Build yourself an army and come test your skill.


3.18.16 – Super Smash Bros for the WiiU Friendlies

We’re holding another Friendly Tournament for Smash Bros. If you love smash, but aren’t thrilled by an overly competitive atmosphere, this is your event. Check the site for all the rules. Our last one was very successful.


3.20.16 – Star Wars Armada Store Championship

Our third Fantasy Flight Store Championship will be Star Wars Armada. This event is also being run by Drawbridge Games.


3.26.16 – NBA 2K16 Tournament

While all the hype around college basketball is going on, we’ll be throwing an NBA tournament to keep the excitement going.


As you can see, March is going to be fun filled and action packed. Don’t let these wonderful events distract you from our amazing regular events: League League every Tuesday, and Board Game Night every Wednesday.

We’re always having fun here at Looking For Group. Come join us!