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Everyone getting into the groove.

Everyone getting into the groove.

Play Games

Come and play games with us on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and others. Or take a seat at our gaming tables and try out some of our board games or bring your own games or decks. Our cost is only $5 per hour, $12 for 3 hours or $20 for all day.

We buy the latest games, including Infinite Warfare, Street Fighter V, Halo 5, Mighty No. 9, and Rainbow Six: Siege. We also have a collection of older games that are still great, from Spelunky and Super Meat Boy to Super Mario Brothers (1) and FTL. If you come in and tell us what kinds of games you like, we probably have something for you try that you’ve never played before, because that’s how we roll.

Regular Video Game Events

  • Every Tuesday: Blizzard Night
    Join us any Tuesday night from 7-10 for Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and Starcraft. All skill ranges expected and welcomed. BYOPC available.
  • Every Thursday: PUBG night
    Join us any Thursday night from 7-10 for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. All skill ranges expected and welcomed. BYOPC available. 

Youtube-twitchStream Your Games

Looking to make a name for yourself on Twitch or Youtube? We have everything you need to get started. When you buy time, use our microphones and webcams to start your own streaming channel. We can even help you set up your broadcasting settings, show you how to do overlays and even how to get those really cool subscriber effects for your channel.

Streaming is the future of games and people want to watch people having a great time. So show up, bring friends and start your own gaming station. You can stream the latest games or even stream older games on older consoles (we have the hardware for that too).

Check out our channels for Twitch and Youtube!

WP_20151027_21_14_54_ProPlay (or run) Tournaments

Play against local people in our tournaments. We run them regularly (check out our calendar for a list of them). We have great prizes to give away, from free game time to tickets at Stage AE to cold hard cash. We run tournaments in all types of games, from fighting games (Mortal Kombat X, Tekken, Smash Brothers) to FPSes (Call of Duty, Halo), sports games (FIFA, NBA2k16, Madden) to MOBAs (League of Legends, DOTA 2, Smite) to other games (RockBand, Rocket League). We don’t only go for one genre, we are open to any game to play as a party or tournament.

WP_20151202_19_27_27_ProBoard Games, Too!

Yes, we talk about video games a lot but we also have a huge board game collection and a lot of tables to play. We have a reduced rate for board gaming and also have a great space for pen and paper role playing games. So whether you are into Catan, Concept, Hanabi, Shadowrun, Dungeons and Dragons, or Werewolf, we have you covered for board games. Or, you know, maybe you like Captain Sonar or X-Wing or Dropzone Commander or Mysterium or Pandemic or Set or Snake Oil or oh god, we have too many games. 

Board Game Events

  • Every Wednesday: Board Game Night
    Join us from 7-10pm on Wednesdays for a wide selection of games. Bring your own to share if you want, or show up and learn something from our collection! $5 flat rate – also see our Patron program.
  • Every other Sunday: Strategic Board Game Day
    2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays of every month are designated for longer-form, quieter games for the entire time we’re open, 12-8pm. A great time and atmosphere to play-test games you’re working on or dig out the 5-hour game you’ve been wanting to play. Plan ahead with friends on the Facebook event or just show up. Pay non-technology prices for the time you plan to spend – $10 for the whole day.
  • Every 3 months-ish: All-Night Board Games
    Every quarter, watch out for an all-night event including food and 3am group pictures. Clear your schedule for the next day :)
  • Occasionally: Other?!
    We have periodic other board game events – let us know what you’d like to see! We have appeared at ReplayFX and other conventions, run charity board game days in-shop, and demo’d/playtested unreleased games from local and international designers.
  • Show up any time we’re open and play some of our games with your friends.

Board Game Night Patron Program

You can join our Board Game Patron program, a monthly membership to our Wednesday board game night with benefits on top. Sign up by clicking right here. You will get your own custom name badge, discounts on merchandise and much more.

  • I like LFG because they don't just stand behind the counter. They come out and play the games with you.

  • I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the healthy atmosphere that you provide for my son and the other young people. Coupled with the attention you give my son and others, your business is the first place he has found happiness in a long time.

  • This place is honestly is amazing, the staff is very friendly and the selection of games is insane. I'm hooked!

Gaming News

Madden League
LFG is looking to host a Madden League for some fun football times. We are fielding interested participants to compete. We are asking to for a $5 Pre-Registration Fee. Entry Fee will be $50. Entry Fee will be due on the first day of the event. Cash prize pool will start at $200 and will ...
winterwonderLAN new
Winter WonderLAN
It is time for our next LAN party. We'll be in the dead of winter here in Pittsburgh, so expect salt everywhere, even before people start to play games.
august lan wp banner
August Nights LAN
Get your tickets here! It is here! Overwatch, Dead by Daylight, the Dota 2 International, BYOB – all of these and more will be at our August Nights LAN. We’re opening up the whole weekend for attendees. The base ticket gets you in from Saturday at noon until Sunday at 8pm. You can upgrade your ticket ...
events banner
June Events
June has a variety of events you're not going to want to miss.
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