One of the games that most of the owners of LFG have been playing together for years is Tekken.  We really like it.  The roster has grown over the years, but each addition seems like a good fit the the same game (except there’s some debate on these “guest” characters in 7).  We have played casually, and we like to keep it really friendly.  Tekken is great for this because Tekken can be as complicated as you wish.

Since we like it so much, we thought that we should put some money up and try to build up a bigger tournament in Pittsburgh for the game.  So we’re going to be doing regular, quarterly tournaments of Tekken 7 for the foreseeable future.  LFG will put in $200 as a pot bonus each time.

The first one was Replay FX 2017.  The next one is Nov 17th 2018, but they’ll keep coming every three months.  That will give us three tournaments before the next Replay FX to build up a community of players and fans.  We’ll also be able to get our streaming set right.  These tournaments are designed to bring in people from the surrounding Fighting Game Communities like Cleveland, Buffalo, Columbus, Wierton, Erie, etc.  The more there are, the better the events will be.

We’d like to do side tournaments of other games at these events, too.  So feel free to reach out to us and add one that you or your FGC can officiate.

We’re really excited about it, and we hope that we can build a great tournament series together with all of you.