2020 Tournaments

Looking for Group is teaming up with ReplayFX to run a new season of Rocket League for 2020. We are splitting this season into two parts, the first half running bi-weekly from February 23 – April 12th. Each week is a tournament with a $100 prize for first place. We will be casting every tournament on our channel, where we will be giving out prizes to viewers as well.

To sign up, please join our Discord  and click on the pinned post with the current sign-up sheet. Every team must sign up for each week they are playing. Sign-ups close 30 minutes before tournament start.

Any player who plays in any game during the regular season is able to field a team for the final tournament to be played the first week of June. The top 4 teams from this tournament will be invited to play in LAN Finals at ReplayFX in Pittsburgh, PA from July 9th-12th. Invited teams will be provided accommodations, and invited teams will be provided some special items to be announced closer to the finals.


2020 Season, First Half

Week 1 Tournament

2/23 - 2pm EST

Week 2 Tournament

3/8 - 2pm EST

Week 3 Tournament

3/22 - 2pm EST

Week 4 Tournament

4/5 - 2pm EST

Mid Season Tournament

4/12 - 2pm EST

2020 Season, Second Half


Tournament Rules

Game Info

  • Game Mode: Private match
  • Team Size: 2v2
  • Match Time: 5 Minutes
  • Arena: All default sized arenas are legal, the admin will choose the arena
  • Server: US-East or a server both teams agree on


If a disconnection occurs, the teams will continue to play the match with a disadvantage. Teams with a disconnect will be given 5 minutes between matches, with potential extensions at the admin’s discretion, to reconnect the player.


Players are to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. Trash talk in game and in Discord is not tolerated. Being upset at results or performances is allowed. Player names should not have anything discriminatory in them. Admins reserve the right to request players or teams change names, or to disqualify a player if they will not change their name for the duration of the tournament.


  • $100 to be given to winning team
  • Each team member must submit a Paypal email for payment
  • Team Captains are responsible for reporting player info

2019 Champions