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Making Tekken at LFG a thing
One of the games that most of the owners of LFG have been playing together for years is Tekken.  We really like it.  The roster has grown over the years, but each addition seems like a good fit the the same game (except there’s some debate on these “guest” characters in 7).  We have played ...
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July Events
July is full of new games and fighting game events. Come check out some of these events.
Help LFG at ReplayFX 2017!
Looking For Group is doing some fun stuff at ReplayFX again in 2017.  We’d really appreciate the help if you can spend some time with us in our booth, running tournaments, or the board game area. Once you fill out this form, then you will be added to the discussion, where details are being fleshed ...
May banner
May Events
May is full of tons of great events from tournaments to viewing parties to live events. Check out our line up, there is something for everyone.

Looking for Group

LFG is a combined gaming lounge and coworking space. Why would we combine these two? Because the cowork side can use the gaming side to take a break or borrow a PC to test out their website/game/app in a different environment. Because the gaming side can use the cowork space to hold classes, learning to build mods and maps to bring back over to the gaming computers and try out with people sitting right beside them. Because we believe that whether you are working or playing, having someone doing the same thing beside you makes it more fun.

PC Bang/Console Gaming Lounge

5$ an hour gives you access to our PC, XBox One, Playstation 4, and Wii U stations. Play online or with the people next to you, or both. Save by bringing your own PC/laptop!

Board Games

We have a large library of board games and lots of people who play them. Come Wednesday Evenings or some Sundays (see our calendar) for our table top days.


Do you need desk space near you? Maybe you need to have a meeting with clients and don’t have a conference room. Or maybe you want a great space to have a user group meeting. Come in and check out our open office space for monthly or daily rental. We have all of the standard coworking fare: coffee pot and fridge, all hours access, convenient parking, conference rooms, printer, scanner, great internet access and a community of people who are friendly and willing to talk. LFG offers so much more than standard amenities, though.

Monthly cowork members can use LAN computers to browse the internet or just take a break from work and play a few games. And by separating your work computer from break computers, members can prevent the common productivity killers like checking Facebook, wandering the internet or going through Imgur yet again.

Or members can use our computers to do their work. Our productivity suite includes Office, Photoshop, Visual Studio, Inkscape and free software that will help members make their ideas a reality. We also offer server based tools for development testing, such as VMs and local web hosting.

Local Gaming

Sit next to your friends and play games on our computers, consoles or with our various board games. Meet new people, try new games, and learn how much better games can be with friends next to you.

South Hills Coworking

Work in our comfortable coworking space complete with a conference room, kitchenette, and access to great community resources.

Community Servers

We host Minecraft, Unreal Tournament, chat, and other servers for our community. Come in to get access to our servers or even help us build new ones.

Our Games