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Play (or run) Tournaments

Play against local people in our tournaments. We run them regularly (check out our calendar for a list of them). We have great prizes to give away, from free game time to tickets at Stage AE to cold hard cash. We run tournaments in all types of games, from fighting games (Mortal Kombat X, Tekken, Smash Brothers) to FPSes (Call of Duty, Halo), sports games (FIFA, NBA2k, Madden) to MOBAs (League of Legends, DOTA 2, Smite) to other games (RockBand, Rocket League). We don’t only go for one genre, we are open to any game to play as a party or tournament.

Board Game Events




Board Game Night
Every Wednesday
7-10 PM
Come play a wide selection of games! Bring your own to share if you want, or show up and learn something from our collection! $5 flat rate – also see our Patron program.
All-Night Board Games
Every 3 months-ish
Every quarter, watch out for an all-night event including food and 3am group pictures. Clear your schedule for the next day :)
We have periodic other board game events – let us know what you’d like to see! We have appeared at ReplayFX and other conventions, run charity board game days in-shop, and demo’d/playtested unreleased games from local and international designers.
Any open time
Show up any time we’re open and play some of our games with your friends.

Stream Your Games

Looking to make a name for yourself on Twitch or Youtube? We have everything you need to get started. When you buy time, use our microphones and webcams to start your own streaming channel. We can even help you set up your broadcasting settings, show you how to do overlays and even how to get those really cool subscriber effects for your channel. Streaming is the future of games and people want to watch people having a great time. So show up, bring friends and start your own gaming station. You can stream the latest games or even stream older games on older consoles (we have the hardware for that too). Check out our channels for Twitch and Youtube!

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