We’re filling our Summer with tons of excitement with all of these July events.


7.1.16 – Looking For Laughs

Local comedians Leslie Battle, Will Ness, and Kevin Reidy will be entertaining us, so bring a friend and have some laughs.


7.3.16 – GOeS Smash Bros Tournament

GameOn will be throwing biweekly Smash bros tournaments. Come play for cash.


7.8.16 – Steel City eSports viewing of Cloud9 v TSM

This is a League of Legends viewing party. Show up and cheer on your favorite team.


7.9.16 – Meet the Maker Showcasing Shogun Bloodlines with Ryan Tambellini

Meet a local game maker at the release party for his game.


7.15.16 – Mario Kart 8 Tournament

Show off your skills at Mario Kart and get a chance to win an amiibo!


7.16.16 – Blizzard Themed Late Night

Celebrate one of your favorite game publishers for this late night event.


7.17.16 – GOeS Smash Bros Tournament

The second Smash Tournament is July.


6.17.16 – Dead By Daylight Late Night

Murder your friends all night with this late night event.


7.28.16 – 7.31.16 – Replay FX

We will be closing for Replay FX, but you can still come down and see us at the Convention Center.


As you can see, July is going to be fun filled and action packed. Don’t let these wonderful events distract you from our amazing regular events: League League every Tuesday, Board Game Night every Wednesday, and Overwatch every Thursday.

We’re always having fun here at Looking For Group. Come join us!