Here are the upcoming events for the month of March.


3.3.17 –  Looking For Laughs

Come watch local comedians at our after hours comedy night.


3.4.17 – Switch-a-polooza

Come play Nintendo’s new console, the Switch.


3.10.17 – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands co-op play through

A Late Night co-op play through of Tom Clancy’s Ghost REcon: Wildlands.


3.17.17 – Rock Band Karaoke

Just what it sounds like: Rock Band Karaoke.


3.18.17 – All Night Board Games, Spring 2017

We’ll be playing board games ’til the early morning.


3.24.17 – Make Brayton play Mass Effect: Andromeda

A late night stream of us forcing Brayton to play a game.


3.25.17 – Pittsburgh Retro Gaming Convention

We’ll have a booth at the Retro Gaming Convention, but  we’ll still be open regular hours.


March is jam packed with super exciting events. Don’t let these wonderful events distract you from our amazing regular events: Moba Night every Tuesday, Board Game Night every Wednesday, and Overwatch every Thursday.

We’re always having fun here at Looking For Group. Come join us!