These are the exciting events you can look forward to in July.


7.1.17 –  Hyperbrawl Couch Funtime.

Hyperbrawl is a four player couch game. Come play with us.


7.2.17 – Looking For Laughs

After hours comedy night with local comics.


7.3.17 – Fighting Tournament Rotation: Tekken 7

Join in the Tekken tournament that is kicking off our fighting tournament rotation


7.14.17 – LFG vs The World

Play co-op games with other people at LFG.


7.14.17 – 7.16.17 – EVO Viewing

We’ll be watching EVO, so come watch some fighting tournaments with us.


7.21.17 – Splatoon Training

Come play Splatoon together for the launch.


7.21.17 – Fortnite Early Access Play Time

Play Fortnite with others while it’s in early access!


7.22.17 – LFG Fighting Tournament Rotation: Injustice 2

The next tournament we’ll be competing in will be Injustice 2.


7.27.17 – 7.30.17 – ReplayFX

We’ll be closed, but you can come visit our booth(s) at ReplayFX!


July is jam packed with super exciting events. Don’t let these wonderful events distract you from our amazing regular events: Moba Night every Tuesday, Board Game Night every Wednesday, and Overwatch every Thursday.

We’re always having fun here at Looking For Group. Come join us!