Some of you have just found us from Reddit. Hello!

Every quarter we do an All Night Board Game night, which you can see here

This quarter’s ANBG is going to also host a Rocket League tournament. The grand prize is a trophy created by Denny. You can see it as this posts’s headline. It’s sweet.

In¬†the next month, we will be starting a Rocket League League, which will end with the grand finals at Replay FX. We will update here and on Facebook and the Reddit places when we’re getting closer. The prize for our Rocket League League will be, at the minimum, the top 4 teams getting tickets and hotel rooms for Replay FX, so you can play and win in style.

In the mean time, catch our broadcast of Rocket League on Twitch, Facebook, or Youtube tonight around 9pm or so. Depends on when we actually get setup. Tonight has just gotten much harder.