Looking for Group is running a Rocket League season, which consists of weekly tournaments on Fridays from May 10th  to June 28th, starting at 7pm EST. Each week, we will host a tournament online. The winning team will receive $100. All teams who compete will be given season points. The season will wrap up with the season final, on July 5th. Every team who has at least one point from the season is eligible for the season final tournament. The top 4 teams from the season final will be invited to play in the finals in Pittsburgh, at Replay FX on August 2nd, 2019. Hotel rooms will be provided for teams, although teams will be responsible for their own travel.

Each week you will be able to see yourself or your friends playing in the LFG 2v2 Season on our twitch stream, https://twitch.tv/lfgpgh

Watch the finals on 8/2 @ 6PM EST here!

Join our Discord Here

You may join the league on any week. Each “season week” is played as an individual tournament. All rules below are for individual tournaments. You may sign up on any week, and change team members any week. You may not change team members during a single tournament.

Season Rules:


This tournament will be restricted to PC, XBOXONE, PS4, & NINTENDO SWITCH. You must be able to connect to a PC hosted tournament.


This tournament will be restricted to North America (US & CANADA)


This is a 2v2 tournament. Teams must consist of two players, no substitutions will be allowed. A player must only be on one team in a tournament.


The season tournaments will consist of Bo3 single elimination matches and will be limited to the first 32 teams. The tournament finals will be Bo5.

***Match Reporting*** 

Every single match will be played as private matches within Rocket League. We will distribute the proper credentials for each game as the game is made. You must sign up for the tournament and then be available on Discord for your game name and password.

Check-in for the tournament will be at 6:30pm EST on Discord.


The selected map for this event will be Random Ranked Maps. 


There are no ties in Rocket League; sudden death will be played as normal.


There will be no mutators for this event. 


Each team will be given two $50 pre-paid visa cards.


Season Final Tournament:

The Season Final will follow the same rules as the Season, except for the top 4 placements.


LFG and Replay will try to accommodate the platform of choice for players in the top 4 finals on the Replay FX stage, however, if accommodations cannot be made, all games will be played on PC. Players may bring any compatible USB controller to connect to the PC. If players do not have a PC account, one will be provided for the top 4 finals.


Extra Matches:

Placement matches for 5-8th will be played instead of the finals of the Season Final Tournament on July 5th. If teams in the top four are unable to make travel arrangements, their spot will be given to the next highest ranking team from the Season Final Tournament.


The final matches for the top 4 teams will be played at Replay FX 2019, on August 2nd, from 6pm – 8pm. Teams are expected to be available August 1st at 7pm for production services.


All four top teams will be given a hotel room for the duration of Replay FX (the nights of August 1, 2, and 3). Teams will also be given passes to Replay FX for themselves and a manager. First place will win $500, and top three places will be given trophies. Each team must have someone 18 or older (a player or manager) to check into hotel rooms. Each player or parent or guardian of a player must fill out a W9 for prize reporting. This form will be provided to teams after the July 5th tournament.

Team Schedules

Teams are expected to be available for production on Thursday, August 1st at 7pm – 10pm, and for matches Friday, August 2nd from 5pm – 8pm.