We have had a great year with all of our patrons. We truly appreciate all of you as well as all of your kind words, glowing reviews, and fruitful recommendations! Beginning April 1st we will be changing our price structure. Unfortunately, we will have to modestly raise our prices. The hourly rate will be raised to five dollars per hour and three hours will now be twelve dollars. The All Day Pass will remain at twenty dollars. Ten-day Passes will still be available for one hundred dollars.

All tokens sold under the old pricing scale will retain their value, so stock up during March!

We are also simplifying our membership structure and tweaking our store hours for our growing (21+) community membership! Check out the membership section of our site for more details on that exciting news!

New walk-in pricing as of April 1st:

  • $5         1 hour
  • $12       3 hours
  • $20      All day Pass

Our entire board gaming selection and traditional table top activities will still be discounted off our e-gaming prices.


Your friends at LFG!