We are now starting up our first classes at LFG. The first one is our “Build Your Own Console” class which will have you taking a Raspberry Pi 2 and turning it into a retro console. This class is aimed at beginners but you do need to be able to type console commands, understand some of the networking and file structure going on, and be able to look answers up on the internet. This means the class is best for kids 14 and older. Kids as young as 10 can take the class but we need an adult to come to the class with them to help out.

What will you get out of this class?

Besides taking home a Raspberry Pi, a full computer you can connect to your TV or any HDMI monitor, you will also learn some basic computer skills. These skills include using SSH, the Linux command line interface, copying files to/from a remote server, finding and installing new programs, and configuring programs to have them work as expected. We will not be getting into the intricacies of VIM/EMACs – but we will be doing some general Linux style administrative work that will give students a greater grasp of how computers work and how to be able to find and implement solutions themselves.

The most exciting part is you will have a computer that is yours to do anything with. You can keep it as a retro console, finding and playing games from different eras, or you can re-purpose it as you see fit. Maybe you want to make your own web sites and host them on your Pi. Or maybe you want to host your own minecraft server. Or maybe you want to get great results with home brewing of beer and need a really nice automation system. What you do with your Pi is up to you, but you will learn in this class how to configure and update new software to get it to do what you want.

Each ticket is good for one collection of hardware and TWO seats in the class. We recommend that if you are getting this class for someone under 14, a parent or guardian come with them to learn as well. This class does not assume you have any special computer knowledge, beginners are welcome.

There are two classes scheduled:

Tuesday, Dec 15th

Saturday, Dec 19th