June has a very wide variety of events. We’re aiming to please everyone here, so see what we’ve got. I’m sure you’re interested in one of these awesome events.


6.3.16 – Basement Rock Show

Come shake your head and jump around to the sweet sounds of On The Cinder, Dead Batteries, Playoff Beard, and Thanks Dad.


6.4.16 – Looking For Laughs


Roll on the floor laughing comedy from the talents James J. Hamilton, Felicia Gillespie, Zack Roach, and your how Amanda Averell.


6.5.16 – Game On eSports Smash for the WiiU Tournament

GameOn eSports is coming back for another Smash Brothers tournament for the WiiU.


6.10.16 – Friday Night Fights

Try new fighting games. Learn technique. Share your knowledge. Have fun. Sometimes we throw together tournaments.


6.11.16 – NHL 16 Tournament

We know you hate to see hockey go for  the year, so come play some NHL with everyone else that is going to miss it with you.


6.12.16 & 6.13.16 – E3 Press Conferences Viewing

We’ll be watching the E3 Press Conferences that air while we’re open.


6.17.16 – Rock Band Karaoke

Sing till you can’t speak or play drums and guitar all night.


6.17.16 – Basement Rock Show

Roll from Rock Band Karaoke striaght into live music from Dead River, Pig Pen, Slade & The Waster, and Crooked Cobras.


4.22.16 – CoD and LoL Tournaments

GameOn Party Planners are coming back for a June tournament. Bring a Team. Win some cold cash!


As you can see, April is going to be fun filled and action packed. Don’t let these wonderful events distract you from our amazing regular events: League League every Tuesday, Board Game Night every Wednesday, and Overwatch every Thursday.

We’re always having fun here at Looking For Group. Come join us!