What are Memberships?

_MG_9057At LFG we have a work area specializing in the needs of digital artists and game designers although our community welcomes anyone who can use a great place to connect to wifi, use some office supplies and get to work.

We also offer to our unlimited monthly members access to our computers with Adobe Cloud, test licenses for game engines and more. Each month we will try to add new features at the request of our community.

LFG offers multiple server tools to help developers test and work on their games. We offer the Unity Master Server at our location for testing purposes, along with a Unity Assets server and VPN access to the cowork network to unlimited members in case they need to offer outside contractors access to their machines.

Most importantly, we have a great community here. Everyone here is willing to talk, help, brainstorm and more with you. We want to grow our community with you, so if you are looking for a place to host Meetups, classes or talks, look no further.

Our Space Features

Keyless Entry

Each monthly member gets access to our space via their smart phone.

Fast Internet

High speed ethernet and wireless connections available, anywhere in our space.


Fridge, coffee maker, proper sink and counter space and a microwave so you don’t have to go out to eat every day.

LAN Access

Community members can use the gaming space during off hours (before 2, after 10) for work or for blowing off some steam.

Conference Room

Present, sell, meet or just work on a giant table in our conference room, available to community members and for hourly rates.

  • I really like it. It's a really nice space that doesn't feel like an office.

    Systems Administrator
  • The meeting space is great for our needs. Being able to have a meetup and discuss our topics then take an hour at the end to play board games or something else together is just a bonus.

  • I feel like that room (McCray Koldflow) is made for me. It's quiet, the lighting is good, I just get in the zone. I'm able to just focus and get things done.

    Sarah Z.